These instruments were indeed assembled in Nazareth, PA. Serial numbers on these guitars all start with 9000...Mine is 900006, built in 1981, 6th one off the line. Of course the raw materials were cut and shipped from Japan for final assembly & finishing to Martins Factory in Nazareth.

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Jimk Da Adtman wrote at 2007-10-09 There are NO experts who believe that ANY Sigma guitars were EVER made in Nazareth PA, because ALL EXPERTS and Most guitar players know that ALL Sigmas were made in Japan or Korea.

The earliest Sigmas were made for Martin was 1970, They were made in Japan, THey also had Korea Taiwan and Indonesia Manufacturers over the years. Call or Email Martin, they are very nice, and have NO PROBLEM answering your questions.

Constructed from imported components, each Sigma Martin guitar is guided by Martin craftsmen through CF Martin's finishing, final assembly, and final inspection procedures in Nazareth, PA.

For more information concerning Sigma-Martin USA instruments please see your local authorized Martin-Sigma dealer."To sum it up... Roger Marshall wrote at 2010-03-23 YES, I have 900-036 a DR28-N, warranty card, letter and price list from 1982.

The effort lead up to the Shenandoah line that was set up in just this fashion. The guitar was purchased new and I still have the CF Martin Thank You Letter, Warranty Card and Information Brochure.

The peg head label says Sigma Martin as apposed to Sigma Guitars. I've only seen two of these for sale and one is on e Bay 1/9/09. Here's an exact quote from CF Martin about this guitar:"Sigma-Martin USA guitars are designed with dimensions and appointments similar to CF Martin instruments.

The greeg letter zigma-logo (like letter M sideways) was changed to "Martin Look alike" (Sigma Guitars /EST 1970) logo in 1979.

Manufacturing was shifted to Korea in 1984 and to Taiwan in 1993-1994.

I asked about the inconsistencies between my Sigma and others that I have sen.