The problem is for a wide angle: all you have is f/2.8 or slower (e.g.

the Tokina 11-16), and in terms of Do F that's equivalent to f/6.5 on the 5D2.

mean to mean sxsi veduo-13

Not a huge issue, since wide angle shots don't usually require shallow Do F, but still...

Plus, a 24mm or a 35mm with EF mount are not usually designed with bokeh as a main concern, and blowing up the image 2.3x times will show all the imperfections in a lens: we may get some surprises when out previously-awesome lenses are just not suitable for what we want to do with them now.

Yep, which is why so many people want an interchangeable mount. I love the image quality, dynamic range and colour depth, but I'm really not impressed by how wide the DOF is.

That's really the only big issue: faster, wider lenses. For people who really want shallow there are some interesting M4/3s lenses that would have been perfect, like the 25mm 0.95 lenses. I've been spoilt by the large sensor Canons, and really like a blooming bokeh in the backgrounds these days.

The one exception was the 2 steadicam shots which were shot at T16 @ 28mm.

I didn’t have any remote focus motors so I went with DOF...

This camera won't match an Arri Alexa in features and shallow depth of field, but could it come close with image quality?

RAW pixels aren't too far off -- about 2.4 on the BMCC versus 2.8 on the Arri Alexa.

Comparing them is completely unfair (and probably a bit foolish), but the only other time I've seen footage with this much dynamic range and skin tones this natural is from Arri Alexa clips.