Har ki sardat kard medan ki dar ust Div pinhan gashta andar zer post ; Chun nlyabad surat, ayad dar khiyal, Ta kashanad an khiyalat dar Avabal." Jalaluddin

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" Go H defend me from humiliating poverty and from the neighbourhood of one I do not love." (Eastvvick).

\ ARABIC AND PERSIAN SAYINGS 23 " Audhu b'l Uahi mina 'Ifswirl 'Imuqibbu wa mijjawaratl man la tlhibbu." Proverb.

* Asrar-i-azalra na tu dani wa na man Wa in harf-l-mu'anuna na tu khwani wa na man Hast az pas-i-purda guftogn-l-man wa tu Chun parda bar viftad na tu manl wa na man." Omar Khayyam.

' Asp-1-tazi do tag rawad ba shitab Ushtur ahista mlrawad shab wa roz." Gulistan, chap. •• Two courses may he sped by charper hot, The camel goes slowly but goes day and night." (Eastwick).

For the part ever tends towards its whole But if you are a portion of heaven, O renowned one, Your joy will be as lasting as heaven itself." ARABIC AND PERSIAN SAYINGS 2i Asp-i-lairhar miyan ba kar ayad Roz-i-maldan na erao-i-parwarl." Gulistan, chap. " The slender courser in the battle day Will the fat stall-fed ox outvalue far." Eastwick.

" The root of hatred is hell and that hate of yours Is a part of that whole and is the foe of your religion Since you are a part of hell, beware !

or that thy repentance will suffice for thee when thy foot slippeth, or that thy kindred will lean to thee in the day that thy judgment-place gathereth thee ? " 'At'amuruna 'nnasa bi'lbirri watansauna 'anfusakum -wa'antum tatluna 'Ikitaba, 'afala ta'qilun ?

or that thy wealth will deliver thee when thy deeds destroy thee ?

When he finds no form at hand, he enters your thoughts To cause them to draw you into sin." (Whinfield).