Rihanna posted a picture of herself flipping the bird with a gun ring on her middle finger. He wrote: In the end, we hope this feud stays on Twitter and it doesn’t escalate outside of the social-networking platform.

It seems a different rapper has his eye on Kylie, and the guy is a newly single and prefers women of the rich and famous persuasion.

Meek Mill has started following Kylie on Instagram, and he’s been making no secret of the fact that he likes what he sees.

It’s a reasonable dream, as finding a guy richer than Tyga doesn’t require anything more than finding a dude with a job, and say what you will about Meek, the man is employed.

Like Tyga, he’s a rapper, but he’s one of those rappers who makes music that people buy.

Just days later, the duo along and Drake were involved in the bottle-throwing incident at W.i. The fight left Brown and at least one member from his entourage injured.

Mill later blamed fellow club patrons for the violent feud and denied reports that the three men were responsible."Chris and Drake, them two was there, but it's other people that be around that take s--- to the next level. I seen girls in there throwing bottles, all types of s---. I never seen Chris Brown or Drake throw a bottle and I was there," Mill told It be f*cking up my life a little bit,” stated Meek. This time it’s a three-way dis-a-thon between Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake.There are alot of dreamers so she'll be running forever!" Brown responded using a play on Mill's mixtape name.It’s always better to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth.