So, get to know them as people too (which builds trust).See how it all relates :) Here again, it is a balancing act. But, you're not adding her up as a "buddy" or colleague, you're getting a date.

men dating tip-11

Even when it does, that doesn't mean that her interest is "gone", but rather that you need to make her feel more comfortable or interested for her to move forward.

Once you do, and the positive body language resumes, continue forward...

It is important to remember though, that an indicator of her interest isn't the same as waiting for permission.

A strong, confident man does not wait for "permission" to approach a woman.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor One of my fellow PT bloggers, Dr.

Kaufman, recently wrote an article about "what shy, geeky, nice guys can learn from the Rebecca Watson incident".Basically, if her body language is open, her feet are pointed towards you, she's smiling, making eye contact, and continuing the conversation...continue to assume interest and move forward.Ask for what you want until the body language changes.For those who do not know, Rebecca Watson is a feminist skeptic who recently blogged about an experience she had while speaking at a conference in Ireland.Apparently, a fellow conference attendant attempted to ask her out in an elevator for coffee at 4am (in a shy, "geeky" manner).Both men and women should respect each other's boundaries, but also be free to pursue their interests.