But due to the lack of trained voice actors in Pakistan, Jojo and his team rejected 15 people on a daily basis, which included some seasoned TV actors as well.

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“It feels great knowing that my first voice over has received such a tremendous response,” says Fidai.

“However, what bothers me is that there is no recognition for voice actors as our names don’t appear in the credits and no one recognises that a significant amount of effort has been put in to giving these characters their voices,” she complains.

Frankly, I had never thought that this drama would get so much recognition,” she admits.

Bashir Suleman Syed Jasim Ali Ali was also the part of the dubbing team for “Isabel” before he was selected for Bashir and Suleman, two important characters in “Ishq-e-Mamnoo”.

Although I have been affiliated with radio for quite some time, the kind of respect ‘Ishq-e-mamnoo’ gave me is unprecedented.” Bihter Riz Kamali Despite her on screen presence for the past three years, Kamali’s big break came with her portrayal of Bihter, the beautiful young wife of Mr Adnan.

“It’s funny when you walk onto the sets of one of your television plays and they start asking you ‘.“Playing two entirely different characters at a time in the same play was a very tough call but somehow I pulled it off,” says Ali.“I initially thought that Bashir was an easier character to play but as the story unfolded, his mood swings increased, which made my job as an actor difficult.Suleman, on the other hand, has given me more recognition than Bashir, because whenever I am in a family gathering, kids surround me and request me to talk to them in Suleman’s voice which is very cute and fulfilling,” he says. During the 1980s, Walt Disney productions were localized for Japan by Pony, Inc.“While I was playing Behlul, I was simultaneously voice acting for Imran Khan’s voice in Express TV’s ‘Siyaasi Heights’,” he says.