Complex mold designs change constantly during part development.As a result, mold designers at Metallum Molds typically wait until the part design is “frozen” before they start the mold tooling.Ideally, the mold builder will machine the dimensions in control and be well within the agreed upon specifications.

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We design the part and mold cavity and send the mold design to our customers for final approval.

When you’re satisfied with your mold design and decide to order your part, it moves to the mold designers at Metallum Molds, where they develop your 3-D CAD to digitally design two halves of the mold, or the A-Side and B-Side.

3-D CAD enables product designers and mold makers to easily incorporate design changes throughout the Mold Development Process, right up to final manufacturing.

WE can design molds which can be used for plastic, cast, stamped, formed, and forged designed parts.

This maximizes our ability to manage projects, resolve problems and coordinate manufacturing tasks to get our customer’s products approved and to market as expeditiously as possible.

News, curiosities, tools from the world of polymer processing. The tool builder is required to provide verification of all critical metal tolerances on core and cavity ‘fits’ to be /- 0,005 mm.

We recognize that the quality of our molds has a powerful impact on our customer’s operation, productivity, and reputation.

Therefore, we strive to continuously improve our operations in order to deliver Precision Designed Molds which can manufacture safe, effective, and timely products that consistently meet the quality of our customers.

The mold designers create the shutoffs and the parting line — which are custom to your geometry — as well as layout of the gates, cutting lines and ejector pins.

The mold design is sent back to you for final approval, and when ready, the necessary tool-pathing begins to make your mold.

We also take pride in mentioning that Delivery Time is also a part of our overall Quality Standards.