“It’s nice to always offer and make the gesture,” says Fields.

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When it comes to money etiquette in dating circa now, says couples therapist and relationship expert Tara Fields, Ph. And that’s what can make things so difficult to navigate.

Everyone has different values around money—how to spend it, how to save it, and what role it plays.

“It’s about generosity of spirit, and the money is just a symbol of that.

Often, paying for others is a gesture of love and care—a way to show someone that you don’t mind investing in them, even if you’re just getting to know them.” If, on the other hand, you ardently believe in splitting the check for one reason or another—because it’s easier, cleaner, fairer, or whatever—that’s OK, too.In keeping with Challenge’s focus on athlete experience, the Challenge Rimini course is designed to include the best of this spectacular region and promises to be one of the most cultural half distance courses in the world.Starting in the seaside resort of Rimini, made famous by renowned film maker Federico Fillini, the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea will host the 1.9km swim following which the 90km bike course will head high into the hills surrounding Rimini along roads built by the great Roman emperors.Travelling through the Emilia Romagna Apennines, an area renowned for its stunning landscapes and many fortresses and castles, the course visits the historic towns of Coriano, Montegrimano, Monte Cerignone and Montescudo before heading back down to the Riviera.The 21km run is a three-lap course along Rimini’s famous promenade, lined with bars, shops and restaurants and a crowd of thousands before finishing in the shaded beauty of Parco Fellini.Discuss each of your budgets and at least make sure you have a ballpark sense of what the other person makes and what their financial situation is in terms of savings and debt.” It might be unromantic, but it’s realistic, says Fields, especially given that money is one of the top two reasons why couples break up (in-laws are the other—ha).