The narrator is (Mitch Pileggi), best known as the FBI agent (Walter Skinner) in The TV classic (The X Files).

Choosing him was masterstroke since he used to be, in the aforementioned show, the highly reasonable voice inclined towards believing the unbelievable.

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The "big" secrets revealed: Crushing a Lady, Teleporting Lady, Tranced Lady of Steel, Walking Through a Wall, Animating a Suit of Armor, Shooting an Arrow Through a Lady, Switching Places ...

See full summary ยป I read once that (Criss Angel), a known magician, claimed that the revealing of this show is false, implying that those are not the real techniques magicians do their tricks.

I loved most of the material no doubt; it was part of the revealing "show" of the magic show, though repetition is hell !

On deeper level, there is couple of problems this show causes.

Unless you're about to get busted by your parents/girlfriend/priest and little Miss Booty Call must crawl out of a second story window, that bra lying innocently under your bed was left there on purpose. We sincerely believe that you enjoy seeing us in pain.

We like planting things in your home because we want you to think of us, but also because our dirty panties are like little landmines that we hope the "other woman" will step on then freak out and leave you forever. We like to Google you, but never mention our discoveries. We like having sex with you, but not when it cuts into Conan. We will go to great lengths to find out what your ex-girlfriend looked like. Then we'll graduate to class pictures from her ten-year high school reunion, Instagram, and a hazy group picture taken in a bar and posted on someone's Facebook. There is fairly high chance that a woman has lied about having a date to make you jealous, but in essence, it isn't really lying because although she spent the evening alone at home eating chocolate and watching old episodes of Melrose Place, she did have plans, with someone, of an ambiguous gender, and food and beverages could have been consumed had she not cancelled, hypothetically.

Somehow it says that everything in the world has become breakable.

Therefore (Criss Angel) has all the rights to be angry, accusing the show with even false indictments !

As a member of this mysterious team (and at the risk of being banned), I have the inside scoop on the strange and mischievous things women do and the reasons they do it.