We now have a chance to bring a spotlight where we want it, rather than ducking if it catches us unaware.

Remember when Seinfeld was one of the biggest TV shows, and co-star Michael Richards derailed his career with a racist meltdown on stage?

While the biggest story I can remember coming from mainstream presses at the time was the Gas Attack on Midwest Fur Fest in 2014 where one news anchor, who had no idea what Furries were, couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

But it was after that, for some strange reason that this new wave of Furry stories really started to take off.

Is it me or are Furries popping up in news stories more?

It feels strange to bring it up, but I swear the fandom has been getting more media attention and a good amount of it has been positive. The reason I’m writing this opinion piece is, in part, because of my own history in the fandom. If you were a Furry around that time you were under the shadow of, what I prefer to call, the “Vanity Fair Era”.

The fandom is not seen as it was over a decade ago. There will always be someone who will openly hate us, make fun of us, or make us out as the worse.

But if we are given the chance, we can show who we are, all the good we can do, and occasionally step up if something bad happens close to us.

There were still the standard small press stuff, along with coverage about the Fursonas doc, but then around 2016 we got hit with one of the biggest positive articles for the fandom. To say that story put the fandom under a new light would be an understatement.

It was a watershed moment that spread like wildfire over social media.

These stories do bring up the question of reasonability in the fandom, but that’s a discussion for another day.

The main thing I want to bring up with this moment in the fandom, is that things are changing.

It happened at a comedy show, but it wasn’t part of the act.