She’s got a bunch of good voices, but not one she could truly call her own.Over the course of the album she goes from Eartha Kitt to Kate Nash and back, in a bizarre performance that seems expressly designed to conceal any hints of her true self.

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Brands such as Le Chameau, Aigle, Kiss, Evercreatures, Tayberry and Hunter offer a often range from 44cm to 55cm calf circumference.

50cm is the most common circumference where as some range around 52cm with rarer brands going up to 55cm.

Admittedly [b]‘Shark In The Water’[/b] is a pretty fine pop song, the ersatz retro window-dressing shoved aside to let a soaring, Xenomania-style chorus burst through.

[b]‘Back In Time’[/b] benefits from a simpler, arrangement, although VV refuses to let up with her constant mugging.

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