Daw Khon Ja of the Kachin Women's Association has seen first-hand the devastation the jade industry and the intractable armed conflict has brought to her people.

"From my point of view, [Hpakant] is like hell on earth. Without money, people have nothing to eat," she said."For people in that area who can't collect stones, so many women become sex workers, or people become drug traffickers.

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As Myanmar has further opened the door to foreign investment, international firms have been faced with the often-fraught task of finding a "clean" local partner to work with.

Global Witness found that, despite its million-dollar due diligence process, Coca-Cola still managed to partner with a jade trade-linked local firm, which has ties to the military.

Hpakant had previously been a KIA area, but in recent years the Tatmadaw has overrun their positions and controls many of the roads.

The KIA and various other militias still impose tolls in parts of the state under their control, in an informal taxation system.

The report also alleges that American earthmoving equipment giant Caterpillar has ties to an internationally wanted drug lord.

Ms Kubba says that, in the case of the jade industry, the US's ability to impose sanctions gives it a real capacity to affect change.

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The group's report provides a glimpse into the complex web of shadowy proxies, business fronts and companies connected to the military that attempt to obfuscate a kleptocracy still very much controlled by the top brass of the former junta.

Global Witness - which had a measure of co-operation from the current government - also names a coterie of others involved in the trade, including the country's largest and best-financed rebel army, the United Wa State Army, as well as serving politicians and US-sanctioned individuals.

Jade mining could provide a lot of good opportunities ...