Please take the time to read them all at least once!It's not that long, and it will save you a lot of time than if you just ignore them and take the time to fill out a submission that will only get rejected! Behave decently and intelligently or suffer the consequences.

If we accepted just about anything, it wouldn't make sense; we would no longer be a "metal" archive.

Because of this reality, the moderating staff decide, based on these guidelines set by the owners, on whether or not your submission is validly metal.

But for older, obscure bands (the kind of thrash band that released one demo in 1986 and disbanded, for example), if no sound samples are available, a scan from a metalzine review describing the band's sound as unambiguously metal can be acceptable, but those cases are exceptional and the moderation can exercise full discretion.

Third, for a band to be acceptable, it must have at least one fully, unambiguously metal album.

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