If you change the character set after connecting (My SQL-4.1 and later), you'll need to put the correct character set name in connection.charset.If False, text-like columns are returned as normal strings, but you can always write Unicode strings.

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The general upshot of this is: Don't share connections between threads. However, the API does not presently allow the specification of more than one style in paramstyle.

It's really not worth your effort or mine, and in the end, will probably hurt performance, since the My SQL server runs a separate thread for each connection. If a mapping object is used for conn.execute(), then the interface actually uses 'pyformat' = Python extended format codes, e.g. Note that any literal percent signs in the query string passed to execute() must be escaped, i.e. Parameter placeholders can only be used to insert column values.

The documentation for this module is intentionally weak because you probably should use the higher-level My SQLdb module.

If you really need it, use the standard My SQL docs and transliterate as necessary. Functions requiring none of the My SQL data structures are implemented as functions in the module.

If present, the connection character set will be changed to this character set, if they are not equal.

Support for changing the character set requires My SQL-4.1 and later server; if the server is too old, Unsupported Error will be raised.This does, however, tie up server resources, and it ties up the connection: You cannot do any more queries until you have fetched all the rows. The other oddity is: Assuming these are numeric columns, why are they returned as strings?Because My SQL returns all data as strings and expects you to convert it yourself.This is initialized with reasonable defaults for most types.When creating a Connection object, you can pass your own type converter dictionary as a keyword parameter.Only deviations from the spec and other database-dependent things will be documented here. In addition, there are a few additional keywords that correspond to what you would pass before connecting.