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Online pundits When Nepal first began in 2003, it was a pioneer in the field for online matchmaking.

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Unlike or other traditional dating and matrimonial sites, Tinder is solely based on appearance and an interest between both parties. Nepali girls' coyness online was a major concern among many men who have resorted to online dating, but there are still quite a surprising number of young women who keep their profiles active regularly.

After causing a revolution in the Americas and even in neighboring India, Nepali Times set out to find what fellow online aficionados in Kathmandu felt about this app. There is no such space here to meet people in Kathmandu,” said Nima Tashi. For Sanna Gurung, a 22-year-old fashion blogger who lives by the Internet, online dating is a boon at this time when she wants to constantly meet people but also focus on her work.

This made things easier to begin conversations between the two and extended to become a marriage made in Facebook.

With features like tagging friends and knowing each other’s mutual friends, the social network has now become a hotspot for future couples.

Now our young don’t have to wait for parents or peers to find them a match.

The Net will do it for them, and making a profile on Tinder is a place to start.

Rajesh Tuladhar, a 27-year-old pilot, had just come back to Nepal after studying and graduating from aviation school in China and the United States.

Back in Nepal for good as an eligible bachelor, he was looking for a suitable girl.

As for the Nepali men you usually bump into on Friday nights, they just prefer to approach you online first before making a move,” says Gurung.

Tinder is becoming popular among young urban men and women in Nepal and with the expat and tourist community mainly in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

If you like a particular profile and that person likes you too, it’s a match and only then can you chat with the person.