Up vote 1 down vote Based on @digitalbath answer, here is a small function to grab the UTC timestamp and display the local time in a given DOM element (using j Query for this last part t/moriz/6ktb4sv8/1/ div id"event Timestamp" class"time Stamp" /div script type"text/javascript" / Convert UTC.

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Js and your time is deting dk in UTC just use the following: moment. Var utc Date ' T.000Z / ISO-8601 formatted date returned from server var local Date new Date(utc Date The local Date will be in the right local time which in my case would be two hours later (DK time).

Log Time: " date var local Offset t Timezone Offset * 60000; var local Time t Time if (to UTC) date local Time local Offset; else date local Time - local Offset; date new Date(date console.

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Up vote -1 down vote In Angular I used Ben's answer this way: sg kreste nvert function (thedate) var tempstr String var newstr place GMT.

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