She just wants the person you pretend to be, not your real you. She is probably the last person on earth with whom you want to waste your precious time.

Well, the answers that I found have the power to kill the last ray of hope of all desperate male virgins and notoriously masturbating fellas on this planet.

I have read everything from pretending to be the coolest motherfucker on earth to bringing her flowers on the first date and fulfilling her every wish.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys completely misinterpret the form of strength that women are craving for.

I really hope that you are not another one of those guys who think that no girl will ever be interested in them if they can’t lift at least 100 kilos on the bench-press.

The problem with this “advice” is that it is quite harmful for your development towards a successful seducer who hunts women all around the globe.

The more guys believe that they just have to pretend to be a super cool alpha dude or that they have to treat her like a spoilt little princess, the more sexually frustrated guys might be pushed over the edge one day.

On the first sight there is nothing wrong with this concept.

I do this all the time and I absolutely love to share my crazy experiences with women.

By becoming a happy guy who is able to seduce her and to give her the best time of her life outside and inside of the bedroom, you will automatically make her happy. Do you have the qualities to attract amazing women? It doesn’t really matter if you look like a Hugo Boss model or the most average guy that has ever lived, as long as you have In case you answer at least one of those questions with “yes”, you should think about integrating some qualities in your life that make learning how to attract a girl a lot easier.