The task was beset with considerable difficulties ; and men of established reputa- tion naturally declined an undertaking, to the performance of which it was scarcely to be hoped that general approbation could be obtained, by anv exertion of judgment or temper.

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Apology for neglecting her commands- moral reflections . to Mrs Dunlop, 5th January, 179.;, acknowledging the present of a cup. To Mr Cunningham, 3d March, nissions his aims to be cut on a seal — moral rcflec- 132.

lo Mrs Dunlop, 17th Decern- ber, enclosing " Ihe sang of Death" ii I /"J. II I.- William Smellie, 22d January, ii.;ruducing Alls Rid- il.

On the land or on the sea, I know no man more capable of judging of the character or of the writings of this original genius.

To Mrs Graham of Fintry, en- closing " Oueen Mary's Lament" ib.

"i V Mr' Cunn'inghairi, 12th March, with a Jacobite song, &c 141 117. Comparison between female high and humble 11th life 118.

Alison, 14th Feb., acknowledging his present of the "Essays on the Principles of Taste," with remarks ou the 116.

Macedonian phalanx, or of the Roman legion, and which has lately made the shores of Europe and of Africa, resound with the shouts of victory, from the Texel to the Tagus, and from the Tagus to the Nile!

The works of Burns will be received favourably by one who stands in the fou-- DHMt rank of this noble service, and who deserves his station.

Four years afterwards, Burns terminated his career.