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Water-based lubes are the everyman lube, they can be used safely with any type of adult toy or activity, in fact because they can be scented or flavoured, they are often the go-to for oral sex.

If you are lube averse because you don’t like the jelly feel, then you might want to give silicone lubes a go.

Silicone creates a slicker, satin feel and just adds a little extra slide.

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We recommend: Yes Water-Based Organic or Sliquids Organic Sensations.

Most research in personal lubricants in recent years has been focussed on finding a way to combine a way to increase arousal and lubrication.

It doesn’t buzz, pulse, whir or wiggle, but personal lubricant is, without question, the first sexual enhancer that we would recommend to any couple or single.

The path to orgasm, be it solo or partnered, is an active one.

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