I went through several SO questions, but cannot see what I'm doing wrong. You still need to implement INotify Property Changed and have individual properties notify that they've updated otherwise the binding subsystem will never know that the observable collection was assigned to the property.

Here your Property Track List Observable must be a INotify Property or Dependency Property.

Implemented that method into my viewmodel and the event is fired when I replace an item in my collection with the correct action.

It´s only when I´m using the back button on my phone with an updated viewmodel these problems occur.

I'm using the MVVM pattern and want to update a List View using an observable collection. Namespace: @Halo Mediaz Not quite - Observable COllection implements INotify Collection Changed so that when items are added/removed then anything bound gets updated.

In this function i am just assigning forcast List that i get from callback to this View Model`s property. Well, you change the object the list property references and do not tell the view about it by setting the field to a new collection in that method.

Im having some trouble in my windows phone project.

Things like error handling and else have been omitted.

I have a List View which i am updating as soon as i get data .

I am trying to create a simple View with 2 listboxes.

A selection from the first listbox will populate the second list box.

I have a class created that stores the information I want to bind to.

My Object Class (Observable Object is just a base class that implements INotify Poperty Changed) For some reason this does not update the UI of the second listbox.

If you modify the contents of the collection itself though, you would need to fire some events to notify the view that the element has changed.