If you were in India years ago but your profile says “last fall”, you might come across as either a) senile or b) a time traveller. A good profile photo is what will get you the most clicks. One day we might have the ability to send smells through the internet, and when we do I think dating profiles will need to include that as an option so we can check each other’s pheromones out in advance. If you are a guy, you might want to try a black and white photo, as statistics show this is more effective in getting men responses. Avoid anything that might totally obscure your face. Till then, without a face-to-face meeting in which you can smell one another out, the photos are really the main draw for someone to read your profile when you are listed as one of many potential matches. Personally, I think the first photo needs to be something that intrigues.

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As a general note: shorter, concise essays are easier to read and sift through and will likely get more responses. In the next section, I will look at how to go about refining your profile, searching for matches, and some different ways to start up conversation with total strangers on Ok Cupid.

You do not always have to use full sentences- bullet points are good, when used appropriately. You are who you are, be it slender, curvy, short, tall, cuddly or muscular, or anywhere in between Something where at least two thirds of your body is visible is advisable here.

Each category is set up as a means to help people talk about themselves.

Because of this, keep in mind that not every single section is necessary, but I would recommend completing each with care as they help pull out different facets.

A profile is not a casual text chat where you can abbreviate and make typos, it is a mostly static representation of you, like a dating resumé - take time to polish! Put the most important information at the top and use your space to the fullest - not in length, but in content.

Run your stuff through MS Word to catch all the major problems, use complete sentences unless you are listing something, capitalize the beginning of every sentence or line in a list, and put periods at the end of everything. Before you start on a profile, think of the best 3-5 words that describe you.Gay males scope for great arms, straight men and straight women are particularly into a tight stomach, and lesbians are into the whole package.Note: You talk about your affinity for cats, just don’t use the phrase “my cats.” It brings down your attractiveness level and makes people assume you’re a crazy cat person. ) and I critiqued around one hundred profiles, I found myself writing out some of the same advice over and over again.After that experience, I thought it would be best to average all the results and make this page as a walk through of what I believe an ideal profile should contain.No one is ever short on questions about how to navigate the often-hellish abyss that is the online dating world.