She kind of reminds me of you…” These come in handy when making that first phone call; you can even lead off with them as soon as she (or her voice mail) picks up.

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I mentioned this last time, but it’s worth repeating again: you want to stand out and be memorable to any girl who gives you her number.

The last thing you need want to be is the guy who calls her up and leaves the voice mail that goes “Hey, this is Nick, we met last Saturday at the Student Union, I was the guy with the Star Wars shirt that you made fun of, call meeeeeeee.” This is where things like nicknames and callback humor work to your advantage.

Following up on last week’s discussion on the power of texting, today we discuss how to master phone game.

How you can handle yourself on the phone can make all of the difference between a number that goes nowhere and actually getting that date… You need to make the transition from the person she barely remembers giving her number to into the person that she can see in her everyday world.

You don’t want to come off as trying too hard – you don’t have to brag about how you and your friends are getting bottle service at this club or you’re going to a super-exclusive party that celebrities will be hosting – but you them.

Use the internet and find the cool shit going on in your town that you’d want to do with a girl and start making inroads.

Similarly, making a callback to a joke or a moment that the two of you shared before she gave you her number will make you stand out; now you’re not just a random name, you’re associated with a specific event – and that association will be another way of making sure that you’re more memorable than the other Joe Randoms who’re trying to date her as well.

I’m a big fan of open questions to when I’m flirting with someone new as a way of sparking conversation.

Just as assuming the body language of a confident person will make you feel more confident, acting as though you’re already friends with the girl you’re calling will help spur your own connection with her.

By acting as if you’re friends already, you’ll be far more relaxed and comfortable talking to her – which comes across as “I am used to talking to women and likely have a number of them in my life”, triggering the pre-selection attraction switch.

Very few guys will be willing to tease a girl or give her a flirty nickname.