The researchers also released a report, apart from a video, to show their findings regarding the subject.

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The Visitor Centre features exhibits on the Park's natural and human history, a theatre, a relaxing restaurant, and an excellent bookstore.

From the half-moon high in the mizzen mast of this famous Victorian Warship, The Warrior Cam commands stunning views over Portsmouth, Gosport and the Isle of Wight as well as the Historic Dockyard.

Catching pedophiles, one at a time Using computer modeling, the group captured the movements of a real person and designed a 3D image of Sweetie.

They would then be able to control the model’s movements using commands like “Yes” or “No” following which the image would react with a nod.

Keep your eyes open for happy couples celebrating weddings on board HMS Warrior and posing in for photos in this popular spot.

Time it right and you might catch a number of ferries.

This dizzying view shows off our web cams mast top location and also provides a great opportunity for visitors to HMS Warrior to give a wave to friends and relatives watching online.

The camera returns to this spot approximately every two minutes.

The camera pans between vistas approximately every 10 seconds, broadcasting live video around the clock.