What Parents Like: The film is loosely based on the boyhood memoirs of Willie Morris, who went on to become editor of Harper's magazine.

What Kids Like: Watch Skip drive the family car and steal bologna from the butcher!

What Kids Like: The horse is so out of place in Dublin, riding elevators and sleeping in movie theaters, that it's not difficult to imagine it to be a mythical creature of lore.

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What Kids Like: Marty is a hero who takes action for what he believes is just.

The transformation of Shiloh from a scared and cowering dog into a healthy and strong best friend is uplifting -- and a testament to the power of healing.

What Parents Like: There are important lessons about freedom and family. What Kids Like: Jesse teaches Willy how to perform somersaults, platform flops, and "high fives." Kids will enjoy watching a killer whale play peekaboo and stick out his tongue.

Rated: PGYear: 1993Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciaran Fitzgerald, Ruaidhri Conroy When 12-year-old Tito and 8-year-old Ossie are given a beautiful white horse by their gypsy grandfather, they bring the majestic creature home to their Dublin apartment.

One is trained to be a circus performer, while the other is bred to be a natural-born killer.

The two are reunited when they meet to fight gladiator-style in an arena and escape human captivity.

Thanks to Charlotte's spin -- creating words on webs -- Wilbur is anything but humble and escapes becoming dinner.

The movie also features a delightful score by the Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins).

What Kids Like: Every voice can be heard, no matter how small or humble.