However, you can edit the registry to mimic the Outlook 2007 and older behavior so you always use default email account as set in File, Account Settings.

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Don't forget to move the appointments, contacts, and tasks to the folders first.

In this tutorial, I'm adding a Microsoft Account that uses the same email address as a POP3 account in the Outlook profile and setting it as the default data file, so the Calendar and Contacts folders are the default folders. Exchange Active Sync (EAS) was turned off for Outlook desktop clients in February 2017.

In fact, I do not recommend configuring to pull mail from your mailbox - use only for calendar and contacts.

You'll need to move or copy existing appointments and contacts to the new data file.

You can move the appointments and contacts between folders within Outlook using drag and drop or the Move to command.

You can set the Microsoft Account as your default data file (this puts the calendar on the To-Do Bar) but I do not recommend setting it as the default email account.

Create a "Microsoft Account" for your email address and use that in Outlook.

If you are using a non-Microsoft domain (like,, or your own domain name), you'll need to add an alias to your account before you can set it up in Outlook.

Set the account to be the default data file on the Data Files tab.

This puts the calendar in the To-Do bar and new appointments and contacts will go into it's Calendar and Contacts folder. If you want to remove the calendar and contacts folder from the your "real" account uses, see Delete Special folders.

This will create duplicates for the local contacts.