Can the Pixi find a place in the smartphone race, or does it do too little to distance itself from the pack?

palm pixi updating prl-64

Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I had a question about Sprint's data roaming on newer triband devices.

I saw when I checked it out for myself Voice stays the same but not data, I didn't check any other "new", recently released devices, but my guess is possibly just was just an error when they updated the maps.

Jon was pretty candid with us, saying that Palm had "missed a product cycle" in the midst of its financial troubles and subsequent acquisition by HP last year, and that the older products simply don't have the horsepower to properly run web OS 2.0 and beyond.

That said, it's clear that he wants to do right by customers -- he told us that HP would do "something special" for owners of older hardware when the Pre 3, the Veer, and the Touch Pad hit the market.

We'll see what that entails -- and whether or not anyone actually sticks it out on web OS 1.4.5 until the new gear ships sometime this summer.

Adds the following updates and enhancements:-Enhanced copy feature added to browser and email (shift key tap and drag to select text).-Improved global search to catch synonyms.Today is the four-year anniversary of the retail release of the first Palm Pre.It's also a day to reflect on the fact that each and every web OS device has what amounts to a ticking time bomb inside it, set to go off on July 23rd, 2013. Just brought this phone today from O2 for £99 on PAYG! Despite that this is a spare handset for me, the main application that matters to me was the google maps! I'd recommend you get this phone so long as you don't need loads of apps. The keyboard is also very usable, I was worried about this, but it actually seems to work. A silence switch like the one on the iphone is always a nice touch. Don't really know what to say apart from this makes my old nokia with symbian 60 look like its ten years behind the times. The plastic/rubber back doesn't attract fingerprints and it also keeps the phone planted on any surface.My simple question: Can I use it on Reliance CDMA network ? I would REALLY REALLY be grateful to any1 who answers as the scarcity of good CDMA phones out here is killing me ! it have more software bugs then anything it will randomly call people shut itself on and off and it just trash, plus when you get it your stuck with it Palm has a 2 year none negotiable contract so they will not give you a different palm or let you switch to a whole different brand.