If you’re not sure about which category your concern belongs, your gut is a clue.

If the issue, such as learning he doesn’t see kids regularly or that his wife left him a week ago, makes your stomach lurch or brow sweat, that’s an indication this person isn’t for you.

Brief summary - Those with paranoid personality disorder are hypersensitive, are easily slighted.

They tend to be guarded and suspicious and have quite constricted emotional lives.

“I’m going to be smarter this time,” you tell yourself. ” The danger is that you can find a red flag about anyone, and over time you’ll get so good at spotting them that you can convince yourself never to fall in love with anyone.

You’re not helping your chances of romance when you approach your dates with a mental tally of everything that could go wrong with them.

It’s an act of self-preservation, an attempt to identify the risks of getting involved with someone before you put your heart on the line.

You may have berated yourself after your last breakup for not recognizing a red flag that didn’t seem like a big deal in the beginning – but was most definitely a big deal in the end.

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In one of my past relationships , I was involved with someone, who (regrettably, I found out too late), exhibited PPD (Paranoid Personality Disorder).

Maybe he made a wise move to switch careers after he realized that owning a record store wasn’t a profitable business. Maybe she’s helping her mom through cancer treatment.