There are a million of reasons why a Filipina from another part of the country might not date you, but none of them is relevant for your next trip to Cebu. Besides Manila, Cebu is THE expat and retiree stronghold in the Philippines. You can enjoy all the attention and love without worrying about being seen as an alien. ), I tested this amazing Cebu dating site for the very first time.And because I love you (in a strictly platonic way) I’ll later reveal I used to get dates and the dating venues I went to, to turn those dates into…you not what.Philippine Singles makes it very easy for you to travel and meet the lady of your dreams, regardless of where you live.

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Before I tried Filipina Cupid, I tried a couple of these free Cebu dating sites. After the tenth message that ended with “ Finding the woman of your dreams on Filipino Cupid is really, really easy.

It’s not like on Western dating platforms where you have no chance, unless you have the most creative dating profile that the world has ever seen. Once you have signed up, it’s time to fill out your profile. You don’t have to be a professional writer to do that. You are to a society that despises single men with grey hair and calls them old creeps. I don’t say that you should color your hair grey, just to appear experienced and responsible. All I say is that you don’t have to be ashamed of your age.

I am here to find a man to love and share in the beauty, that is LIFE.

But landed on a computer software technology A filipina woman who is simple with a big heart, open minded, loves to travel.

Not only can you write to 18,000 Philippine girls but by joining Philippine Singles, you get the support of a company that has been dealing with online dating since 1995 joining thousands of couples together.

I love cooking love discover of new recipe of foods. last i have long hair and now this new style have short hair. ilike man who sweet and love to Hey im alan from cebu ask me and i tell you about me my height is 5'5 my hair is black my style like a cool guy my body is average my best features is my dimples i plan to meet a girl cute and single from cebu only i u Im a normal guy. Scuba diving and swimming are my pleasure activities.Hell, upgrading your account to be able to send messages to hundreds of sexy Filipinas . I just logged into my own Filipino Cupid account and guess what happened within the last couple of minutes? I received so many interests and messages from beautiful girls that I won’t be able to reply to all of them.And I don’t even have grey hair that I could brag with. I wrote in my profile that I actually live in Cebu at the moment.Some of them are afraid that their parents don’t agree with their decision. When I think back to my time in Cebu City, I think about the following three things: To be honest, if I wouldn’t have signed up on Filipino Cupid, I would have had a pretty shitty time in Cebu.Others are even scared of foreigners, because the only one they have ever seen was Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator. Yeah, the official answer is because of the weather and beautiful beaches, but it is not a coincidence that most retirees who live there are men. I wouldn’t have met all the amazing women that I have met. Thanks to a recommendation from a guy I met in Bangkok who lives in Cebu and is married to a Filipina who he met on Filipino Cupid (sounds confusing?I am recently in Moscow Russia now, I'm just trying to look someone here who is truly serious for looking his behalf.