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This totals about 2 billion zł (~ US$0.633112 billion on 5 V 2013).

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John Paul's visits to Poland became rallying points for both the faithful and galvanized opposition to the Soviet regime.

His beatification in 2011 and canonization three years later further instilled pride and joy in the Polish people.

This is in stark contrast to the otherwise similar neighboring Czech Republic, which is one of the least religious practicing areas on Earth, with only 19% declaring "they believe there is a God" of any kind.

A survey by the church in 2014 found that the number of Polish Catholics attending Sunday mass had fallen by two million over the last decade, with 39% of baptized Catholics regularly attending church in 2014.

The southern and eastern parts of Poland are more active in their religious practices than those of the West and North.

The majority of Poles continue to declare themselves Roman Catholic.

A 2012 document reported that for more than a quarter century church attendance and declarations of religious faith has been stable, decreasing only minimally since 2005, when the grief related to the death of Pope John Paul II led to an increase in religious practice among Poles.

In a 2012 study, 54% of Poles declared that they attend religious services at least once a week, 18% do so once or twice a month, 20% do so several times a year, and only 8% do so never or almost never.

The church resisted demands to pay compensation to victims.