The movie was a hit and propelled director Anurag Kashyap into some much-deserved limelight.Black Get the Friday off Black Friday and you still have a controversial film.

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After a dozen controversies and allegations the movie was released to packed houses giving relief to SLB and the awards it garnered was just the cherry on the icing.

Fanaa There wasn’t anything in the film that stirred the controversy like MNIK as much as what the lead actor said outside of it that undid it.

Aamir Khan, always a man about town when his film releases, made himself seen along with those protesting against raising the heights of the Narmada dam in Gujarat.

The film was banned in the state for quite some time till the court decided to intervene and provide protection to the theatres screening the film.

For one, a antique furniture dealer sued director Sanjay Leela Bhansali alleging that he had purposely burnt the sets of Black to claim insurance.

It was also alleged that the director has under-insured the movie sets in order to reduce his premium outgoings and has charged him. The state-run Maharashtra Film, Stage and Cultural Development Corporation, which owns Mumbai Film City where the studio was located, had also slapped a Rs 60 million suit on Bhansali for causing damage. A deaf and mute assistant also accused the director having skipped his payment for his services.

The song from the movie ‘Ishqiya’ is composed by Vishal Bharadwaj and lyrics by Gulzar.

I felt no surprise for the word not being familiar to me because it has always been a thing with Gulzar to come up with weird sounding words with deeper meanings in his lyrics and poems.

As a result Tashan, one of the first big budget films of the year, ended up being a miserable flop.