You get to gather materials, battle monsters, and synthesize items.It's a fairly simple game, but that doesn't mean you'll ever find yourself getting bored.It stars Sayori, a normal high school girl, who finds herself a century and a half in the past after she discovered a mysterious pendant on an archeological dig.

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Video games that stem from or are shown in anime tend to be visual novels and simulations.

While many do tend to lean toward the male demographic, there is a genre of video game for females called otome games! Most otome games are story driven visual novels that involve a dating sim aspect, but there are other gaming aspects to them as well.

As an otome game, Princess Debut delivers all the features of standard otome games where you are able to pursue your prince as you please, but it doesn't make you play through several months or years to get to the ending like some other otome games.

There isn't a main focus on any one aspect of the game.

Yo-Jin-Bo is another great otome game for starters.

This English otome game is available for everyone who owns a PC so almost anyone can play!

Unfortunately, there aren't nearly enough English otome games out there as there are Japanese otome games, so when you want to play one, where do you start?

Check out our top 10 list of English otome games to get you started and chase away those otome game withdrawals!

For those who are just getting into otome games, maybe you'd like to consider Princess Debut.

The story begins with the protagonist dreaming of being whisked away by a prince when a princess suddenly bursts out of her closet.

While the story of the Story of Seasons is simple, it is a highly addicting game to play.