Ranbir apparently had a huge crush on her and would keep landing up on the sets of the show 'Just Mohabbat' where Avantika played the girlfriend of the protagonist.

The Casanova, the heartthrob, Lover Boy – Ranbir Kapoor has been the star in the Indian cinema for a while.

This lover boy has huge female fans, who will go head over heels to marry him, including Bollywood actor Alia Bhatt.

Ranbir and his recent "girlfriend" Katrina Kaif are spending their love moments now, though trying to avoid it from media.

The hot couple celebrated Katrina's birthday in Corsica, France where Ranbir has been shooting for his forthcoming movie "Tamasha." The fans now want Ranbir Kapoor to settle down with one girl as the Casanova has a list of hot girls he dated before Katrina.

Trust Sonam Kapoor with her foot in the mouth disease to make her second appearance interesting.

Here are the rapid fire rounds of both the Kapoors... What is the one thing the following people have that you don't: Katrina - "A 200 crore film". If you were playing truth or dare with the following team, what would you dare then to do? Ranbir Kapoor - "He need to make a serious commitment and get married". However, at a time when both have moved far ahead in their lives where Sonam has also found the love of her life aka Anand Ahuja, imagine Kareena suggesting Sonam to get married to Ranbir?Yea, this happened…This happened on Karan Johar’s infamous show Koffee With Karan 5.The endless list of women that he's dated in the past and his continuing doing so have earned him the title of the ultimate casanova.