Randy is a phenomenon." Gless says Harrison recently filmed a scene in which his character displays a dark edge.

"The transformation he did from being this sweet child to being cold — cold! And I thought, Oh, my God, this kid is good." ow let's get the personal- and professional-history stuff out of the way.

Harold, the straight actor who plays Justin's boyfriend, Brian, says, "A lot of it happens in editing, although Randy and I are certainly making out and simulating sex.

We're comfortable enough with each other to be able to give them enough raw material, you know what I mean? Next week, previews begin for the MCC Theater's A Letter From Ethel Kennedy, directed by Tony winner Joanna Gleason. And later this year, he plays the "head of a group of total outcasts" in Bang Bang You're Dead, a scathing Showtime movie about high-school violence.

On QAF, Justin's nickname is Sunshine because of his generally cheery disposition — though that's been changing a bit lately.

In this, Queer As Folk's second season, Justin has gotten more nuanced: He's been recovering from a brutal gay-bashing in last year's finale.

At a recent first-season-DVD-signing session at the Lincoln Center Tower Records featuring Harrison, Paige, and co-star Gale Harold, "it was like 'N Sync or something," says Harrison.

"I think we signed 700 or 800 boxed sets." At a pop. It's time to get that out of the way — because QAF really can be steamy, at least as steamy as, say, Sex and the City.

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(The program director boycotted his rebel production, with a group of fellow students, of Shopping and Fucking.) He moved to New York, and then, having never before appeared on-camera, got cast in Queer As Folk after one audition and two call-backs.