I went back to the people I had ready to be able to do certain things that were positive for the young people across this country and told them that I would reach out to the president.But his people reached out to me, and they liked my program.

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Brown will keep doing his part, determined to help boost jobs through life-management skills and is committed to the “eradication of the violence in these neighborhoods around the country.”He is prepared to continue proactive dialogue with Trump while giving voices to the minorities and underprivileged who might not be heard otherwise.“I’m very optimistic,” Brown said.

“I am going to convey something, I have conveyed something to him and I have called his attention to the minorities in this country and the fact that we have forces out there that will work with his administration to make a better life for these minorities.

"I became a Christian, I thought that was the way to deal with this and I prayed hard and tried for 30-some years and then at the end, I was just going, 'I'm still gay.

I know I am.' And I just got to the place where I couldn't take it anymore — when I was going through all this darkness, I thought, 'Just end this.' " One reason Boltz decided to come out now might be because he's performing Sunday at Jesus Metropolitan Community Church in Indianapolis, and then next Sunday, Sept.

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown, a civil rights leader, was part of a group that included ex-linebacker Ray Lewis to meet with Trump last month to speak about issues and challenges facing African-Americans in inner cities.“I’m an American citizen.

I voted for Hillary Clinton, and we lost,” Brown said.

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