The young female learns early on that a Vietnamese American male is up against all odds and feels the need to nurture him, similar to how her mother responded when her father was upset or angry.

This situation may be characterized as a reverse gender Oedipus complex.

Vietnam is a wonderful country for solo female travelers as there are plenty of areas where women can explore, indulge and relax throughout the region.

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If you are heading to south Vietnam, the beautiful bay of Ke Ga has gorgeous beaches and the stylish Princess d’Annam Resort & Spa is a great place to truly unwind.

And definitely don’t miss the hustle and bustle of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), the largest city in Vietnam.

One particularly amazing experience is a 3-day homestay tour in Sapa, Vietnam.

With a female guide, you’ll explore the Vietnamese highlands by motorbike, stay with local families and learn to cook traditional meals.

The chance to enjoy some ‘Quan ho‘ singing is also one of the best ways to get a taste of the local culture.

It is sung by a quartet of singers, with two girls singing the first line, before being responded to by two male singers.

As it were, 3 years later, I’m not this bitter anymore. Said male will typically be a heavy smoker, an even more heavy drinker, most likely a gambler and ideally, holds a job that is far less advanced than his female counterpart.

It can easily be identified by the female’s eagerness and willingness to accept a relationship with a Vietnamese American male who may not be entirely the best fit for her, or is typically described in the Modern American English lexicon as a “Gangsta”.

Aside from restaurants, be sure to eat plenty of street food while traveling through Vietnam.

Street vendors serve up steaming bowls of Pho and other delicious noodle dishes.

In the north of the country, the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi is a beautiful city for great shopping and eating.