i know who that someone is as i know her friends and what she did with whom as we regularly emailed/called till mid october!

rebound dating sie-31

However, rebound relationships often result in hurting both even worse. Looking at FB only makes you miserable and doesn't help you anything.

I know it is **** hard not to, but once you do it you will start feeling better and stop panicking.

You say "Leave her alone and start building yourself up. If she truly loved you then she will contact you first, if not then you can keep on the track. Dating other girls also help a lot in getting over.

Become a better man and if you want to get back then be the guy whom she always dream of"... My gf broke up with me over email in Dec 15, she is dating someone from her home city in London from the very next day. We dated for 14 months out of which 6 months was LDR where I am in India and she is in London! we had been friends for like 4 months before we started dating in London!

And if so/if no how much of an impact this relationship may have on us ever getting back together. I guess the fact it is or isn't a rebound, doesn't mean too much though in regards to her having a long term relationship with the guy?

Seems like sometimes rebounds turn into full time things? Become a better man and if you want to get back then be the guy whom she always dream of.

I'm in the same situation as you, so take my advice. Keep in no contact at least for a month, convince yourself to move on and don't think about getting back.

Nell, I've been working on self improvement big time. I know it doesn't even make sense for you as of now, but try to move on.

SHE ended up cheating on me on our one year night, and then told me about it drunk while i was still on my vacation.