She's a complete wild child and free spirit, until you discover she was saving herself-for you.

Red Flags: Longing gazes at wedding-dress magazines, a season pass for TLC's A Wedding Story on her Ti Vo, or hours and hours of inane wedding talk while on the phone with her friends all signify you've got a future Bridezilla just dying to get behind the veil. Suggest a ménage à trois-or float the idea of an open relationship.

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Red Flags: You catch her glancing in the windows of children's-clothing stores and lovingly ogling babies with that misty look in her eyes, all the while maintaining her book of favorite baby names.

Exit Strategy: Make yourself the worst potential father figure imaginable.

“I literally read a bio once that said ‘If you don’t give blow jobs, don’t swipe me.’ Guess what?

“When he only has pictures of himself—body shots, selfies—that’s a no-no.” - Carly M. “If he’s not wearing a shirt in any picture, even though he’s muscular.” - Katrina K. “When a guy’s clearly cropped someone out (cough, a girl) of a photo.

Two or more, however, and you have a definite problem on your hands. Red Flags: If she orders weird drinks, looks uncomfortable at the bar, or spends most of her time hiding behind her purse on the stool, you've got a girl who can't wait to give up the nightlife.

Exit Strategy: Cut her off as abruptly and as ruthlessly as possible. A slower breakaway will only leave her thinking you belong together . Exit Strategy: Hit the bars hard until she can't take it anymore. Be sure to tell her how much you appreciate the fact that she's comfortable being plain-and that you're glad she doesn't care about her looks.

My sister used to date a guy who threw a Coke on his mom because she was “being a bitch.”Needless to say, she walked away right then and there.

Because if that doesn't scream, “I degrade women,” I don't know what does.

There's merit to putting your 'best face forward.' But on the same note, don't be deceiving and post photos that show you decades apart." - Janine C. "Write in complete sentences and DON'T abbreviate words.