You will never have to worry about not having a date.You will never have to worry about losing your man’s attention or failing to get his commitment or not being attractive enough altogether. There are a lot of people running around out there trying to convince you that they have all the answers or they have the magic button that will change your love life forever.I’d been heartbroken in a past relationship where the guy I was with had cheated on me.

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And the more I discovered about men, dating and relationships, the more I realized that the “traditional” dating and relationship advice is all wrong.

You see, the conventional advice is designed so that you can just “get” something from a man.

I’ve discovered what pushes a man away, even though I thought at the time that I was giving to him.

This seemed so counter-intuitive at the time, but now – I understand that what actually WORKS in dating and relationships is different and usually OPPOSITE of what we think should work.

So I don’t want you to just blindly believe everything that I tell you.

(This statement should really be applied to all the advice you come across.)In fact, I would recommend that you approach my advice, coaching and programs with a healthy skepticism.It really opened my eyes to the reality that women everywhere, everyday are having deeply intimate, committed and secure relationships.So through all my trial and error, and through all my learning and through all my own painful mistakes, I figured out what men are universally really attracted to, despite what they say or what they don’t say and despite where they’ve come from and who they’ve dated in the past.You may feel like you’re “less” than other women on the street, or less than other women who ar already getting the deep love and commitment that they want from a man.And you won’t have any self assurance and self confidence.And you may have felt this in the past, so you probably know EXACTLY what I mean.