I got what I wanted, so why does it feel like something is missing? You gave Tyler an ultimatum when you decided that what you wanted was for Tyler to be your boyfriend.

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MISTAKE #3: GIVING HIM AN ULTIMATUM While giving your man an ultimatum will definitely get you an answer, when you put a guy on the spot like this, it usually won’t be the answer you want. Especially when it comes to a man’s often stubborn and unexplored emotions.

In fact, oftentimes HE doesn’t even know exactly what he’s feeling, because he hasn’t spent much, or any, time analyzing everything on an emotional level.

The reality is that a man will eventually stop trying to “win” your fickle affections altogether.

Then you’re both left with nothing real holding you together.

And then you need to honestly assess if Tyler can give you what you want.

Here’s something you should know: most men are not averse to commitment, but they have to come to the decision on their own. He realizes that if a relationship with you was what he really wanted, there would be no convincing necessary.

Unfortunately, you can thwart a man’s desire for a long-term relationship with you if you try one of these three common “strategies.” MISTAKE #1: TRYING TO “CONVINCE” HIM Just like a pushy salesman trying to get you to buy a car, trying to convince a man that he should be in a relationship with you actually makes him want it LESS. He would feel it on an emotional level, and his feelings would tell him all he needs to know.

MISTAKE #2: TRADING If you start “withholding yourself” from a man when you don’t get the love and connection you want – or you only “give when you get” – you’re trading.

You focused on the label because that is what he had been resisting.