The site attracts a young adult and middle aged crowd. No mobile experience is available yet to complement the desktop version, which might be an issue if you like to check out potential matches on-the-go.

Dating uses interests and activities, location, personality, and physical attributes as criteria to help identify your ideal match.

This makes it very difficult to set up a date with a girl you like.

Do not be surprised if you constantly get other peoples mail.

Find The Data is a reference site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.

There have been numerous complaints about the unethical practices on this site.

A few options though (searching by members who share your birthday, for example) seem tacked on or unnecessary at times, but these are easily ignored.

It might have been nice to see a few more features such as webcam chats as this can add an extra dimension to getting to know members before meeting them in person, but if you’re not really interested in a “face to face” before actually meeting in the flesh then this isn’t an issue.

It is definitely a website designed to con you of your money.

It is not a real dating website where you can meet women. Once you pay your subscription fees, everything goes downhill from here. Furthermore, all the women that you had initially spotted disappear in thin air leaving you frustrated. The website is a total scam, and is simply out to get your money.

Instead the 6 recommended members are just shown on a tab on and it’s up to you whether or not you view them.

You are shown their picture and brief profile details, then simply click whether you’re interested in them,maybe interest or not interested at all.

suggests 6 members to you each day, which is both helpful and unobtrusive.