Let’s look at a few ways technology and the internet have changed the game.You Have a Larger Pool of Candidates The rise of online dating sites has created a much larger pool of candidates.However, some argue that this method is not actually an improvement over “traditional” dating.

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You Can Pre-Screen Your Dates Online services have made it easier to avoid awkward first dates by letting you filter out incompatible candidates before you ever meet them.

Tinder lets you decide who you’re interested in and then only matches you with someone who also expressed interest in , while e Harmony uses a 400-question survey to match you with compatible people based on your responses.

And keep in mind, these numbers are over a year old now—many people in the 55–64 age group are now likely 65 or older and bring their tech smarts with them into the new bracket.

They’re finding a lot of ways to add technology into their dating lives, too.

The Steamy Stats Online dating has exploded in popularity over the last few years.

Pew Research Center conducts periodic polls on the subject.

In the past, you were mostly limited to friends and friends of friends when looking for a partner, but thanks to the internet you can connect with potential matches on the other side of the globe in an instant.

People that would have never even met a few years ago are now forming meaningful relationships thanks to services like Match.com, e Harmony, Tinder, and other dating apps and websites.

These apps let you find someone who shares your interests and then strike up a conversation from anywhere—no need to get dressed up, go out, and approach someone you’ve never met.

Make sure you’re honest with your potential partners, though.

It’s now easier to stay in touch, and easier to land that first date.