She said times when she gets misunderstood, sometimes she says things too fast or didn't answered questions well, it will give an opportunity for the media to write something negative for the news. March: If you get to spend a day with Ron, where would you go? He said “summer’s weather is great, especially for filming ancient dramas”.Ron Ng Sells his Soccer Jersey - July 19, 2008Recently TVB and Ebay have been working together to promote sales with TVB artists such as Ron Ng, Joel Chan, Miriam Yeung, Fala Chan and Tavia Yeung. April: If Ron is willing to accept any presents from you, what will you give him and why? Elanne Kong will be planning to treat the cast for a meal.

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Video tape a video of yourselfinclude:-Your Name-Where you are From-A Birthday wish to Ron (NO MORE THEN 1MIN)2.

Email it to [email protected] space only, but i'll try to fit everyone's video in hurry and send your video In..

Yesterday all of them attended the "Ebay and TVB sales online" function bringing some of their things to sell. She said “I’m planning to treat everyone for a meal because it was my first time filming and they have taught me so much!

Ron brought his Soccer Jersey which he hasnt worn before. ”Ron's Birthday Present Hey everyone, Well it’s that time of the year again, something special is happening! As most of you have seen that Ron will be holding a Birthday party with Tavia Yeung (Yes TARO fans are probably extremely excited).

So it should end up like this: All Questions will require the answer as well as Why you like Ron. February: What is your most favourite character and why? On the 10th of July hopefully we’ll have all the questions and then we can start getting fans to design and hopefully think of a response.

I need all of you to help think of 12 questions we can get fans to answer. So if you're interested here is what you have to do1.Apart from going to the US & Toronto to perform he will also be filming a wedding advertisement with Fiona Sit which in the end will all turn into money. showtopic=661&pid=1851&st=0&#entry1851Source: Takungpao Translated by: a Znangel @ Koon Being asked of Past Rumors with Ron Ng - July 22, 2008Yesterday Ella Koon accepted an interview from a new radio station "Music Connecting the World" 《音樂通世界》, the host asked if her i Pod contained the two songs "Don't Blame Her" and "Miss Hermes", she frankly said that she does have the songs on her i Pod. Its pretty desperate as one of our designers wont be available after 11th July. S we need to shut the Questions submittion tmrw because as mentioned above, desperate to get everything done.During the interview she was also asked about her past rumors with Vincent Wong and Ron Ng. Please State Name: Birthday: Photo: Please pm Sammyy or sugarplum892 (Irene) at with your picture and information ASAP. It is most important that December Girls need to get their photos submitted~thanks...Its not that ive lost interest in the TVB world, i still support Ron but this obsesssion of mine has actually gone away.Its at a point which is so busy i honestly have no time to maintain anything.With that we will have a Question such as what is your favourite Ron Drama?