as she would say "If you love me you will buy it for me and it makes me feel sexy when you buy me gifts" extremely charming when she wants however is also controlling, also appears to be well off so why does she need you to support her - Oh well well 60k later she has moved on 10 to 12mths is about her stay contacted a previous BF he lost less bur same storeys .

RSVP can do very little or ar not interested oh cany give any more information as she has taken out an AVO on me although i have never been violent to her but it stops me from talking - Be carefill she is ruthless - Oh she was also interested in my 87 yr old father as she realised he had a few dollars mind you her previous husband was 30yrs older than her when she married him so my dad was young.

For the cost of 24 stamps you are pretty much guaranteed 3 to 4 fun times.

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You're a consumer and thankfully, a number of Australian consumer protection agencies can assist. On the rare occasion that you do hear back from their support, they're rude, ignore issues replying selectively to the points you've raised.

They do not list a phone number and don't answer the number that I found after much searching on third party sites.

RSVPs Terms & Conditions appear significantly biased against the user/member and in favour of RSVP, which may infringe Australian Consumer Law. They also refuse to provide a phone number to allow aggrieved members the opportunity to speak with a real person, and probably for good reason - an internet search reveals a large volume of complaints against RSVP.

RSVP's T&C state that they can delete ANYONE'S profile for ANY reason WITHOUT having to provide a reason or justification. On the other hand, e Harmony makes available a toll-free phone number AND a live-chat window. They have fake profiles or profiles of people who have already cancelled their membership and then RSVP classes these so-called profiles as matches to you. It starts off by you messaging your so-called match and then the "profile" gives you a positive reply making out that they are interested in you which makes you purchase stamps from RSVP in order for you to send them an e-mail and talk about yourself in more detail. The write up is nothing more than an rsvp advert, which this site's owner is parading as a 'Review'support is an oxymoron.

Then when you do and buy stamps to make contact, they reply once (hence you don't get your stamp back) then disappear! I have used RSVP on and off for a long time now (over 5 years), great place to pick up short term relationships and cheap for punters like myself.

80% of women are single mums which I try to avoid but hey if they are hot why not!

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