Decide if confronting her about the problem is a reasonable step to take in this particular situation.Perhaps she is generally under control but made a smart remark to you; at this point, intervention is not called for or necessary.If she says something openly rude to you and you have the strength, you may counter her meanness with a genuinely kind remark that will startle and surprise her.

” Jack looks at me again, smiles, and winks…but doesn’t say a thing. I decide to shop for a new dress to wear to the theater. Let’s hope these scenarios remain a figment of my imagination.

Scene #7: After six fantastic dates, I think Max might be “the one.” He calls or texts me every day and we have plans to see a play the next weekend.

Suspend all notions of the universe for a few moments and enter an alternate reality that hopefully will never come to pass. C., when I stop to peer into the front window of a trendy bar. They look eerily like the hundreds of profile photos of men with fish. This bookstore is a great venue to try to meet men in the wild. I head to the fiction section and stand next to an attractive man. “That’s a great book,” I say, “one of my all time favorites.” He looks at me briefly and goes back to browsing. “Do you believe this country would be safer if everyone owned a gun?

“Usually,” he says with a strange look in his eyes.

Experiencing rudeness can have a large impact on health, so exploring your options for dealing with it will lead to a happier, less stressful life.

Sometimes I feel like Lawrence Ferlinghetti when he wrote I am Waiting. Scene #4: I’m at the newly reopened Renwick Gallery entranced by Leo Villareal’s installation of LED lights suspended from the high ceiling.

Although instead of “waiting for a rebirth of wonder,” I am waiting for the tsunami of rudeness and irrational behavior so common in the online dating world to spread to the real world. An attractive man who is also awestruck by this piece strikes up a conversation with me.

What if the social mores of Plenty of Fish, Tinder, and Match became so ingrained that men and women started to behave like their dating profiled selves? Scene #1: I’m walking down Connecticut Avenue, a major thoroughfare in Washington, D. At the bar, men stand 3 deep – a mug of beer in one hand, a large freshly caught fish in the other. No nearby waterways, but perhaps they went fishing in the Potomac? I’m outside of Union Station and a horde of shirtless men exit from the a.m. They’re walking proudly, cell phones on in selfie position – beer bellies all shined up for the office. Scene #3: It’s small business Saturday and I’m in Politics and Prose hoping the Obamas will show up like they did last year. We chat for a few minutes and then he asks if I’d like to continue our talk over coffee. I reach into my purse and pull out my Ok Cupid dating questionnaire.

He stops midway, turns around, winks at me again, and continues on to the bar. We both enjoy the same music so I have to be prepared.