There is been disputes going on that, Sergey and also Ryan Buel have once again dodged the fans and their recent picture book subscribers.

It is not known at this time,just how many orders went out.

Wes is not clinically insane, he doesn’t have schizophrenia, so we can’t attribute anything to delusions, hallucinations, or paranoia.

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Katrina feels a pain in her back, as if caused by a paranormal happening- while holding the Ovilus, which isn’t introduced until “Dead Time” the following night.

Ryan asks Chip to channel, and Jen said Wes “...called me at work one day, sayin’ that it was botherin’ him...

Chip says some things, and makes an observation “... ” while he’s right in front of stairs, which lead...upstairs.

The first “Dead Time” is held and noise is heard after Chip asks for a noise.

A comment was made that Jen and Wes had three children, but only Jordan appears in the episode.

Ryan brings in Chip Coffey to get his psychic impressions.

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