In the book, she argues that "beauty" as a normative value is entirely socially constructed, and that the patriarchy determines the content of that construction with the goal of reproducing its own hegemony.

Wolf posits the idea of an "iron-maiden," an intrinsically unattainable standard that is then used to punish women physically and psychologically for their failure to achieve and conform to it.

I gave birth to twins and so they thought they had cured me.

My partner was there for me and she supported me very much during this period until I gave birth.

My brother was the ring leader and my mother did not know about this because she was always on my side.

I was raped and the bad thing I got pregnant but I thank God that I was not infected with HIV.

Time came when my so called boyfriend wanted sex and I refused, I played him around all the time when he asked for it or when he brought up that topic until he got tired and he went and told my brother about it.

My brother went and told my other family members and this is when I started experiencing hell on earth.“My Story & Experience as a Lesbian” “Am called Miriam and am 25 years of age, Am a lesbian.I realized that I am lesbian when I was in my O level because I used to have feelings for my fellow girls.k;a;,a Èk iji úfkdao huq hhs ielldr c¾uka cd;slhd ±ßhg ryiska fhdackd lr ;snq K w;r weh is;d we;af;a ; E.s wrka fokakg fï tlal hk njls' miqj ±ßh iu. ksjil ldurhl .=rejßhka fofofkl=f.a iu,yeisÍula cfka,hlska tnq Kq ndiqkakefya flfkl= cx.u ÿrl:k leurdjlska Pdhdr Emhg k.d tu fuuß Ñma tl tu fofokf.a mdif,a 15 yeúßÈ isiqúhlg ,ndÿka miq tu isiqútajd msgfõhhs ìhg m;aj wehg ;¾ckh lsÍu yd ìhjeoa§u ksid weh l,lsÍ ÿïßhg mek Èúkid.;a mqj;la rd.u m%foa Yfhka jd¾;d jkjd'6 jkod fuu wjdikdjka; br Kug uqyq K ÿkafka rd.u" idka; ußhd úÿyf,a oy jk jif¾ ,en Q fiõñKs wfmala Id kue;s oeßhhs' weh ÿïßhg mek Èúkid .;af;a úÿyf,a .=rejßt,a, j Q oeä udkisl m Svkh ord.; fkdyelsj njg fïjkúg ,eî we;s idla Is wkqj meyeÈ,sù ;sfnkjd'rd.u" fmdäl=Uqr m%foa Yfha mÈxÑj isá fiõñKs wfmala Id jeäuy,a ifydaoßhla iy nd, ifydaorhl= isá w OHdmkhg fiau l%Svd lghq;=j,go ola I;djla oelaj Q isiqúhls'úÿyf,a .=rejßhka iu.o iómj l%shd l wjia:dfõ oeßhf.a fouõmsfhda ksjfia isg ke;' oeßhf.a udud j Q .dñKS w,aúia uy;d mu Kla ksjfia isg we;'l,n,hg m;aj Q .=re;=ñhla ;j;a .=re;=ñhla iu.She would come at my uncles place to visit me and bring for me something’s to use so after giving birth, one day my brother found her at my uncles place she had come to visit me, my brother told them that I was still a lesbian she told them that me and my girlfriend still see each other.