After Sasuke engraves his name into Naruto's coin will fate bring the two together?And why doesn't Naruto throw the coin away if she's so against their relationship?

Note: I do not use the name Naruko, but use the name Akuma since Naruko is a fandom made name for female Naruto.

For some reasons, Sasuke choose her to be his woman against her will.(NARUTO AU)"Despite how different their feathers were, their nature was, they had always belonged to each other; never letting the other go or stray too far.

Actually it's finished, but this one is a different version from the one that I finished.

You know I have to actually write out the script and the routes that you will go to, which can be a pain.

got to the part where you can talk to Hinata, Neji, Lee, and Sakura.

I made it that way so that you can't repeat the choices that you've already done. I was having a boring day today and this just made me feel better.

But what happens when he comes back and Naruto is gone, joined up with Akatsuki and dating his older brother Itachi?

No matter what happens I could never hate you since you saved me from being lonely." Now a twoshot, Fem Naru.

How can Naruko handle a mafia when she's just an ordinary girl?

They had always been together." Modern world AU in which Naruto is recovering from a nasty break up with Sasuke.

However, one day she encounters a human in need and she realizes that she would be happier living with humans...