What obstacles did you face to finish this screenplay? I started looking into festivals and programs that I could submit it to online, and WILDsound was the first one I landed on.Landing on a storyline you can really get behind is a challenge, but the hardest thing about writing is probably editing – finding it in your heart to cut a joke or a bit that you love in order to serve the story. My new skateboard that I am not good at riding yet. I appreciated the feedback so much – it was incredibly helpful.

Continue reading In this March 10, 2012 file photo, people hang out on the beach during spring break in Cancun, Mexico.

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Each character revisits something in their past that is affecting their life currently. Jacqueline lets the trauma of her divorce affect her relationship with Russ.

Titus’s lifelong string of unsuccessful relationships makes it hard for him to trust Mikey. What TV show do you keep watching over and over again?

But I finished the year pretty much single, and I made a lot of mistakes.

I had one night stands, months-long flings, and revisits with exes.

Get to know the winning writer: What is your TV Spec screenplay “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” about? ” is, at its core, about learning to accept emotional baggage.