Using this script a variety of of predefined messages can be sent to your Exchange Server 2007 to check the log file creation.

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I tried using TSQL to detach the databases or set them offline to "kick" it into updating, but since they are part of the SQL AG those commands don't work.

How can I upgrade the database to the latest version when it is part of a SQL AG?

While testing an upgrade from SQL Server 2014 SP1 (12.0.4422.0) to SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 (13.0.900.73) I was following the recommended update process and ran into an issue where the database would not start on the old primary after failing over to the updated secondary.

Our setup is a primary replica and a single secondary replica, and the steps I completed were: The upgrade of the secondary and failover to make it the primary worked exactly as expected.

I resumed the first database, and immediately the In Recovery status message was removed.

A minute later it changed from Not Synchronizing to Synchronized, and everything worked as expected.

It is always possible to recover data when the database is lost, if you have backed up the database.& In my previous article, Exchange Database Technologies, I discussed the underlying database technology in Exchange Server, the Extensible Storage Engine or ESE.

One of the most important points in that article was that all changes to the Exchange Server database go through the log files. Let’s look at the log files, and the replay of log files in case of a recovery scenario…

Starting with Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1 Exchange has error correcting code for checksum errors.

If a certain page contains a checksum error, which is usually caused by only one bit being “flipped”, Exchange Server can automatically correct this bit.

Log on to the mailbox and start sending messages until you have a couple of messages and a couple of log files. If we have all the log files still available it should be possible to retrieve all information.