While some of the works were in fact sent completed, others arrived with only a couple of items, and in some instances, the only delivery were written instructions including what items to gather and directions on how to assemble them.

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The differences can range from those mutually unintelligible with one another to those having a closer familial resemblance.

The regionalized and localized varieties of Malay can become a catalyst for intercultural conflict, especially in higher education.

Outside, visitors were invited to eat slices carved from a roasted pig on display, part of the edible art piece by Taiwan's Red Flag Coalition.

Like a bad joke, a panel above the carcass read, “No animal was harmed in the making of this art.” It's probable no animals were involved in painting the panel, but placing it with the pork buffet forces an amusing contradiction and perhaps the vision of a hell kitchen.

The gathered group of artists certainly promote an Encyclopedic Palace of the debauched.

Publicity made possible by Resource Art and Development (RAD)'Disco Inferno: An exhibit for our hellish summer' by Jenessa Kenway, Las Vegas City Life, June 10, 2013.

Link to article: lasvegascitylife.com/blog/ culture-alert/ disco-inferno-exhibit-our-h Pulling in work by 14 international artists, the exhibit offers a “parallel pavilion,” according to Couper, to the 55th International Venice Biennial that opened three weeks ago in Italy.

But it also offers commentary on and an inversion of the Biennale’s newest addition: an art display commissioned by Vatican City.

To non-native speakers the two varieties may seem identical, but to native speakers, the differences are noticeable through diction and accent.